Thursday, November 3, 2011

Top Smartphone OS in US: Android

According to a report released by Nielsen today, Android is still the number one smartphone OS in US in Q3 of 2011. As per the data, Android accounts for 43% of the smartphones OS in US. iOS is a distant second with 28%. Android has jumped from 39% in Q2 of 2011 based on the data released by Neilsen in July. iOS has maintained its 28% share since last quarter.

While Apple holds a second spot on the smartphone OS front, it is in the lead as the smartphone manufacturer. The obvious reason is the fragmented Android manufacturer market. RIM's Blackberry OS has fallen from 20% to 18% in Q3. Windows Mobile has also fallen from 9% to 7%. It is interesting how the share lost by RIM and Windows Mobile has been picked by Android with iOS reamining constant. However with the new hardware and OS version announcements, Q4 will definitely show some more changes.

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