Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blackberry Porsche Design P 9981/ Porsche Design P 9981

Blackberry Porsche Design P 9981
Timeless style takes on industry-leading technology. The master BlackBerry performance and stylish Porsche style P'9981 smartphone build up it a class . With the P'9981 BlackBerrysmartphone is within the style of latest trends. Pure magnificence and rarity exudes the brilliant  look, that was designed by Porsche style.

Even the stylish chrome steel housing, that is embellished with leather, makes the BlackBerry Porsche style P'9981 for attention. . The latest software could be that the latest BlackBerry 7 is used,however with associate exclusive Porsche style UI.

The combination of bit screen and QWERTY keyboard is on the BlackBerry Porsche style P'9981significantly sure-fire trend. Since, the smartphone has a high-resolution a pair of 8-inch touchscreen show, and therefore the different is BlackBerry typsich a keyboard used. Here you will be able to benefit once surfing the net from the innovative touch-screen technology and once writing emails or chatting on the QWERTY keyboard, that permits a simple and convenient means quick writing.

The screen contains a 640 x 480 elements with a pixel density of 287 dpi, therefore achieving a crisp graphics and a really high distinction.

Also included are the Wikitude World Browser and augmented reality applications. To unique PINs, users can comfortably connect and recognize the P9981. The technical equipment includes an NFC chip, 1.2 -gigahertz processor and an eight-gigabyte internal dynamic memory. Buyers will furthermore acquire loud Porsche fashioncan be a 16-gigathroughte memory card. Overall, you are able to extend the memory up to 40 gigabytes. Video recordings are available in 720p with a 5-megapixel camera & also modern sensors for fresh augmented reality applications are available.

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