Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apple's Latest Stats!

Here is a consolidation of all sales numbers disclosed by Apple in yesterday's event. Some of the number are mind boggling!

iOS devices
(iPhones, iPads & iPod Touches):
  • 250 mn devices sold (and NOT shipped) till date
  • iPhone 4 makes more than half of total iPhones sold

App Store
  • 18 bn downloads till date
  • Current rate of 1 bn download per month (compare this with the 9 months is took to download the 1st billionth app in April 2009!!)
  • 500,000 apps out of which 140,000 are made for the iPad
  • $3bn has been distributed to 3rd party developers
  • 300 mn iPods sold in 10 years (compare to quarter million cassette players sold by Sony in 30 years)
  • 45 mn last year itself (July 2010-June 2011)
  • 20 mn songs on iTunes
  • 16 bn downloads
iPhone has 5% of mobile market share world wide - "An Enormous Opportunity" according to Tim Cook.

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